Candles with @oftenwander!!

I am very excited to announce a near future collaboration with Boss Babe Sarah @oftenwander !! Check out their insta to see the fabulous goods @oftenwander has in their shop on Valencia Street in the Mission, SF! One of the coolest things they do is pour their own candles! Queen Bee Ceramics is partnering with @oftenwander to create our own signature candle!- Vessels will be made by yours truly while Sarah takes care of the candle making process! SO EXCITED!! Who doesn’t love a good candle? Ammiright?? Candles should hit the shop in February- hopefully in time for you to snatch one up for someone you love! STAY TUNED!


That’s Sarah in her element…

look at her go!


…And her bomb ass store.

Go check out @oftenwander ! You wont be disappointed!